WCEF Calendar 2021



We have released the 2021 Show Calendar – please remember that COVID-19 is still highly active and PLEASE adhere to the protocols. This calendar is up to the end of December 2021. We will update to March 2022 later in the year due to the general current uncertainty.

Click on the arrow next to Agenda, to select the Disciplines/Calendars that interest you or click on the +Google Calendar at the bottom, to include on your own Google Calendars. If we make a change – it automatically changes on your side. The absolute best way to keep up to date. If you want to print it, select to print a month or up to 6 months at the top. If you want to print months after June, go to the month, and print the month.

How to sync on your phone

Download the latest SAEF COVID-19 Rules

Download the SAEF Travel Declaration Form (to be handed in at every show)

Download the SAEF COVID-19_Daily_Self_Assessment_Screening_Questions (Hand in on every day at every show)