Start Competing

Starting to Compete is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Join a club in your district
    • You may join multiple clubs, but your primary club must be in the district in which you live.
    • Ensure that the club that you want to join, subscribes to the disciplines in which you want to compete.
    • Click here for a list of clubs, their disciplines and their contact details
  2. Join SAEF.
  3. Join the discipline in which you wish to compete.
    • Click here for a list of the Disciplines

You will need to register your horse(s) with SAEF and the disciplines as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. If you only wish to participate in SANESA (Schools League), or Pony Club it is not compulsory to register with any of the structures above unless you require grading points or are aiming for District or Provincial Equestrian colours. It is however recommended.
    2. If you want to try to get District or Provincial Schools Colours or you belong to Pony Club  and you are NOT registered with SAEF, please register with Western Cape Equestrian Federation in the interim. There is no charge, and you will be added to our newsletter list if you select the correct block. Please click here to register.
      1. If you want to compete in any competitions, you need to ensure that your horse has a valid passport and that all his innoculations are up to date.
        • Flu Vaccinations are to be done every 6 months.
        • Horses may not compete within 7 days of having an inoculation.
        • African Horse Sickness is a compulsory vaccination for most show holding bodies, but in the AHS Free and AHS Surveillance Zones, your vet needs to get permission from the State Vet prior to vaccinating your horse. Click here for a view of the AHS zones. Click here for the latest circular from SAEF with regards to vaccinations.