What we do

The objectives of the Western Cape Equestrian Federation are:
1. To be and to operate and function as the autonomous, controlling and administrative body of Equestrian sport within the area of the jurisdiction of the province;
2. To direct, develop and administer Equestrian Sport within the province in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and sound financial management;
3. To actively market and promote Equestrian as a sport and a recreational activity in the province;
4. To foster a spirit of healthy competition, sportsmanship and fair play among athletes of all races, gender and ages;
5. To protect the horse from all forms of cruelty or neglect or from any malpractice committed in the course of its training or use in Equestrian sport;
6. To uphold and enforce the rules of SAEF as prescribed by the International Federation (IF) from time to time and to encourage and promote the highest standard of sporting behavior in connection with Equestrian Sport;
7. To assist at all levels with the organization and administration of the province;
8. To organize or facilitate provincial championships for all athletes irrespective of age, gender or physical ability thought the various equestrian bodies;
9. To facilitate the involvement of Western Cape athletes and teams in provincial tournaments and championships and to promote the achievement of provincial titles;
10. To contribute to the development of South Africa as the foremost Equestrian nation in Africa;
11. To create, build and maintain communities of the province’s athletes/participants in the form of the province’s clubs or Regional Bodies and to encourage the active involvement of volunteers in the administration and management of the Equestrian Sport;
12. To increase the number of individuals registered within Equestrian Sport, particularly among schools and previously disadvantaged communities;
13. To actively develop Equestrian Sport and build human capacity in accordance with the Long Term Participant Development (LTPD) plan adopted by SAEF;
14.To encourage the qualification of individuals as officials, coaches and event organizers;
15.To encourage the appointment of coaches at all levels within the private and public spheres in the province;
16. To further SAEF’s sport education in the province and, where possible, to make funds available for Equestrian Sport’s literature and studies;
17. To represent its members and to promote and advance the interests of its members;
18. To uphold and enforce and code of conduct pertaining to Equestrian Sport as approved by SAEF and/or any other code of conduct decided upon by the province and approved in writing by SAEF;
19. To refer all disciplinary matters and grievances to its disciplinary committee and to resolve disputes between anyone involved in Equestrian Sport in the province;
20. To participate in the management activities of SAEF and SASCOC and to ensure that the province is represented at these levels;
21. To annually reapply to be a member of SAEF and to abide by its Constitution, Rules and Regulations and to cooperate with SASCOC, in particular as regards the participation of Equestrian Sport’s athletes/participants in all Multi-Code Games and Events;
22. To ensure selection of athletes at all levels for participation in any tournaments or championships and in accordance with the constitution of SASCOC;
23. To award provincial colours in terms of the criteria laid down in the SAEF Rules and Regulations, and in terms of SASCOC’s Colours Policy.
24. To advance the objectives of the province and to associate itself with all other such lawfully constituted Associations and Organisations as shall be decided by Exco, whether within or without the area of jurisdiction of the province and irrespective of whether or not such other Associations or Organisations are connected with Equestrian Sport.
25. To recognize and accept the jurisdiction, rules and regulations so SAIDS as well as the code of WADA relating to anti-doping and the promotion of drug-free sport;
26. To perform its functions in a non-discriminatory and democratic way, striving at all times to provide equal rights and fair opportunities to all the province’s athletes/participants, administrators, managers, officials, coaches and event organisers throughout the province;
27. To seek ways to grow the access to and participation in Equestrian Sport;
28. To ensure that the encouragement, promotion, development and administration of Equestrian Sport whether same be at National, Provincial, Regional or Local level, is carried out in accordance with the principles of non-racism, non-sexism, by which it is meant that race, ethnicity and nationality shall not be a basis for discriminating against or of affording privileges to any one person or group of persons.