Western Cape Equestrian Federation


…..but under Covid-19 conditions. If you have not been personally affected by Covid-19, then you probably know someone who has, so you know this needs to be taken seriously. Please stay home if you don’t feel well, and adhere to the rules below.

If you attend a show, and don’t feel that the protocols are being adhered to or have some good ideas on how things can be improved, contact the show organizer or email secretary@wcefed.co.za with the details. Please be constructive and polite. We are all a bit rattled at the moment, and everyone is trying their best.

Don’t forget to order your WCEF Masks – we can arrange for collection at most shows. You need to wear a mask when not mounted.

Remember – it is YOUR responsibility to stay safe, and ensure that you endanger nobody.

Download the latest Calendar (updated 12/11/2020)

Download the latest SAEF COVID-19 Rules

Download the SAEF Travel Declaration Form (to be handed in at every show)

Download the SAEF COVID-19_Daily_Self_Assessment_Screening_Questions (Hand in on every day at every show)

So pull out that show gear, and let’s start shows again safely!